Week 9 - A Splash of Color
This week marked a significant milestone in the progress of my magazine; I finally finished laying out all 65 pages of feature articles. Unfortunately that milestone is more significant to Magazine class than it is to Special Topics, because I am still very far from being done illustrating the feature section. (As a reminder, Magazine class covers the typographic treatment and layout of my magazine, and Special Topics covers production of the visuals for the magazine.)

I did get a few illustrations done this week as well though, including one that allowed me to break out of the black and white style that I've defined as the main aesthetic of the feature section. This spread is a short story that appears in the middle of feature article part 5, and when I differentiated the typeface from the rest of the article it occurred to me that I could further differentiate it by using a different illustrative style:
A short story in Part 5 of my magazine's feature section that illustrates the bizarre 'biggest fear' of scientists, futurists, and thinkers who are weariest of AI. Without the context of the rest of the article this story will seem so insane as to be laughable. Words by Tim Urban.  
In addition to the little bit of color I got to play with, I also finished a couple more black and white illustrations:
Illustrations for Part 3 of my magazine's feature section.
These were based on the following illustrations from the original article on Wait But Why: 
Tim Urban's illustrations from his article: The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction.
At this point in the quarter I have to start thinking of my final presentation for this project, and since it's clear that I will not be done by that time I have to find a way to make a compelling story out of the progress that I have made. I'm convinced that a big strength of my magazine will come from the contrast between the black and white illustrative style of the feature section and the very different (and colorful) style of the other articles. Because of this I think my next step will be to flesh out and color some existing illustrations from my Front of Book articles rather than simply make more feature illustrations.

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