Week 10 - A Very Big Building
This is my last post this quarter, as final presentations are just three days away—and this will be a short post because
I'm spending most of my time frantically preparing for that.
This week I got a fair amount done for my magazine (TOC, Masthead, Letter from the Editor), but illustration-wise I spent most of my time on working on a really large building that runs through 5 pages for my article titled 7.3 Billion People, 1 Building.
All the spreads in my Front of Book article titled 7.3Billion People, 1 Building. Now that the building itself is done, I'll be revisiting the charts and infographics to make them match the colors and styles of the building more closely.
After addressing the problems that this article still has (like the NYC maps spread now feeling very out of place), I'll then turn my attention to my cover, which still doesn't exist.

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