The Selby Bookshelf
This welded steel and oak-veneered-plywood bookshelf pairs a thin frame with deep backless shelves and dramatic angles. 
The Brief
The client told me they have an affinity for indoor plants, and asked for a bookshelf that would accommodate large house plants as well as books.
In order to allow for large potted plants I knew the shelves would have to be spaced out quite far, and I worried this would make the sections that were used for books feel strangely empty. I decided on an unconventional angled design that would provide a convenient elbow in which to store books, with flat sections on each shelf for plants. The vertical space between shelves is maximized at the flat areas and the thin frame allows plants to spill out the sides and top.
I built the front and back frames of this shelf first and then connected them with angle-iron to give the unit its depth. The most challenging part by far was keeping my angles accurate as I welded, because the mirrored nature of the frame meant the two pieces had to be exactly the same. I achieved this by quintuple checking all my measurements, holding my breath while welding, and having a tremendous amount of luck. 
Lining both sides of the frame up.
Symmetry achieved.
Welding the frame sides together.
The fully assembled frame in my wood shop.

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