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I am captivated by two dimensional motion, and hope to one day incorporate this passion into my career. So far my brief dives into animation have all been for personal experimentation and learning, but the sampling below is meant to provide a window into my current capabilities and hint at what I will hopefully be able to accomplish as I continue to practice.​​​​​​​
My familiarity with Aftereffects is still fairly limited, but I learned a good amount in creating these four pieces. In the coffee shop piece I used three different animation types to achieve the desired movements. The first –the head turn– was achieved by sequencing 11 different head positions over roughly a quarter of a second.​​​​​​​
For the arm growing out of the plant pot, the coffee pouring into the cup, and the steam coming out of the coffee cup, I learned how to use “trim paths” on a path in an AE shape layer, and then used those paths as alpha mattes on the shapes I had drawn in Illustrator to hide/reveal them, which created the illusions of growth, pouring liquid, and rising steam.
The white lines are created in a shape layer and their beginnings and ends are keyframed after adding "trim paths".
Once the white lines are designated alpha mattes they become invisible and hide/reveal the content in the layer behind them (the steam shapes).
Finally, the sway of both the leaves and the character’s legs was done using puppet animation. For each object, I laid out pins at joints or anchor points and then used the option key to move them back and forth through time.
Though I am happy with the way it turned out, there are definitely improvements I’d make to the piece if I was going to do it again. For starters, the fact that the coffee pot “grows” out of the plant at the end of the arm, as opposed to getting picked up off the table, makes the animation of the whole arm feel more like a mask reveal than a plant rapidly growing in time. I would also like to incorporate an event that triggers the character to turn his head, like a few musical notes coming from the right edge of the frame to indicate a whistle.

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