Strategy and big-picture thinking from a kid drawing superheroes.
Let's start with the big picture.
Design is solving problems. It’s asking the user about pain points, and then thinking creatively and collaboratively about how to eliminate them. It’s about questioning the whole process, and when you get so excited about your innovative alternative, it’s about seeing the whole thing crash and burn in user testing. Design is going back to the drawing board, arguing passionately for your case and then finding yourself convinced that another way is actually better. It’s about combining and re-mixing ideas, and taking inspirations from the world around you, because solutions are everywhere.
A brief interlude to talk about humans.
Ultimately, design is about the people a product will touch. It’s remembering that you’re there to reduce friction in a user's life. Sometimes it’s about creating moments of delight in unexpected places, but usually it’s about being so simple you aren’t noticed at all.
Now, what's with the kid part?
Let’s be honest - what got me into this business is a love of making things look good. It started when I realized my drawings could bring other people joy. Eventually I jumped off the page and saw that when something is just right, regardless of what it is, it can bring a significant amount of happiness into the world. So I want to acknowledge beauty and joy for their own sake, and recognize that strategy has room for sidekicks. Where strategy and joy collide, you’ll find me sketching. 
Services: Graphic Design - Illustration - Motion Design - Packaging - Branding & Identity - Logos - Brand Strategy
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