ZooTunes Poster

3 weeks | Student Project

Design and illustrate a poster to promote ZooTune’s 2020 lineup. Develop a visual style representative of the unique nature of this event that will speak to the mixed audience this series attracts.

Graphic Designer
ZooTunes is Seattle outdoor music festival that runs for roughly 10 weeks from mid-June to late August at Woodland Park Zoo. Each weekend a different artist takes the stage to play for an audience spread out on blankets under the Summer evening sky.

The event is a big fundraiser for the Zoo and proceeds go to animal care and conservation on a local and international level.

Understanding the Audience

ZooTunes is truly a concert series unlike any other, and I wanted to be sure that my poster reflected the somewhat unlikely mix of audiences the event attracts.

Because it is a production of the Zoo all concerts are family-friendly, and children of all ages attend the event with their parents. ZooTunes actively encourages this by offering one free ticket per family for children under the age of 12.

Despite this, by no means is it a concert series for kids. The bands that make up the lineup have dedicated followers and much of the audience is a more typical mix of adult friend groups and couples.

Like the concerts themselves, I wanted my poster to be family-friendly and attractive to younger audiences, while still being gritty and engaging enough to appeal to people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who are buying most of the tickets.


Based on my research into the event, the audience, and past marketing campaigns from ZooTunes I sat down to write out a concept statement to guide my creative process. By outlining the broad strokes of my objective before jumping into illustration I knew I would be better prepared to navigate past any sticking points I might encounter in the design.

To define my visual direction I collected a mood board of images that consisted of color, typography, style, and composition that complimented my concept.
Concept Statement
ZooTunes is a truly unique concert experience in a beautiful outdoor setting in the heart of Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo. Through the use of heavy textural elements, playful scale relationships, and unconventional perspectives my poster will communicate the artistic uniqueness of this concert series as a truly musical experience. Bright colors, bold lines, and chunky hand-drawn type will work together to give a sense of an unexpected concert-going experience that is engaging, always changing, and sure to challenge expectations of this somewhat misunderstood event.

Illustration Process

I started illustrating this poster with some very rough, very small pencil sketches on paper to test the general layout I had in my head, and then quickly moved into Procreate App on an iPad to flesh those out. Because my planned layout had ‘ZooTunes’ displayed so prominently at the top of the composition I dove into the lettering of this title in Procreate and let that execution guide the visual direction of the rest of the poster.

Once I had a few full-size sketches of successive refinement in Procreate I moved the most developed one into Adobe Illustrator to use as a guide, where I traced over my sketch with the pen tool.  By fiddling with some stylization effects I arrived at the appropriate level of roughness around the borders of each shape. Using texture brushes and the draw-inside feature I added the splattery texture to each shape.

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