QR Code Generator — Blog Illustrations

for QR-Code-Generator.com, a subsidiary of Bitly 
If you’ve scanned a QR Code recently, chances are it was created on qr-code-generator.com. In addition to producing the bulk of QR codes used around the world, the website offers support to its users in the form of blog posts, guides, use-case examples, and more.

Roles & Collaborators
Dylan Thurgood — Illustrator
Henrique Leite — Creative Director

Design and execute hero-image illustrations for qr-code-generator.com/blog. The illustrations should capture the essence of the blog topic while maintaining the brand’s irreverant style of visual humor. 

It’s All in the Title

Every draft begins with a breakdown of the article title. I draw associations to each significant term and combine ideas into a series of sketch proposals to discuss with my CD.

My goal is to create an intuitive visual connection between the first thing someone reads on the page (the title) and the hero illustration that crowns each article.

And —of course— I always have to add a QR Code.

There’s A Whole Lot More Where That Came From

To see these illustrations in their full context, along with many others, head on over to the QR Code Generator blog.*

*Please note that I’m one of many illustrators who create work for qr-code-generator.com. The work you’ll find on the live blog is a mix from all the talented folks on the illustration team.

More Work