Mindful Media Solutions — Branding & Website

Mindful Media offers full-service social media management to a large roster of clients across industries. They help small and medium sized businesses navigate the algorithmic landscape of modern social channels and optimize their feeds for bottom-line growth.

Brand designer
Web developer

Develop a comprehensive visual identity —including a branding suite and illustration style— for Mindful Media Solutions. Apply this new visual identity to a website, and deliver a final product that builds trust with the target audience and attracts quality leads.

A Gardening Motif for Growth

As anyone who has tried to grow a social presence online knows, the key to success is persistence — dedicating time and effort consistently over an extended period.

Together with the client, I developed an extended visual metaphor around gardening to express this idea of a rich reward waiting at the end of a season of invested work.

The illustration, photography, typography, and copywriting are all built on this central metaphor, presenting Mindful Media as the green-thumbed expert that can make any client’s socials flourish.

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Cultivating Connection Through Illustration

My central task was to develop a visual identity that would connect meaningfully with the target audience: businesses who are burnt out on algorithms. To achieve this, we positioned Mindful Media as a counterforce — a solution with a hands-on, human centered approach.

To communicate this visually I created a series of illustrations addressing the three main pain-points of the audience, executed in a handmade, textural line quality and rough shading techniques.

A Focus On Research and Process

The success of this project is due to the extensive research and development phase that preceded any ideation of either the logos or the illustrations above.

Competition and industry audits, lengthy discussions about target demographics, and a thorough examination of which values needed to be expressed most clearly through the branding — all of these considerations provided the strong foundation upon which the final visual identity was built.

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